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The clip to the right is made up of extracts from recent DVDs.
This clip only runs for a couple of minutes but each package receives a full DVD, lasting approximately 45 minutes. All images taken put to music...........

These music DVDs are becoming more and more popular as each one captures the whole day, the laughs, the smiles, the looks and the tears.

This is a short extract from Sean and Colette's music DVD. 

Sean & Colettes Wedding

This is a short extract from Rob and Charlotte's music DVD.

Rob and Charlotte

Suzanne  16/08/14 -

"Just having a break to watch our wedding picture DVD.... Absolutely fantastic Scott and Julie!!! Thank you so much... You really did capture EVERYTHING!!!!! We absolutely love it!!! It's making me cry with happiness.  Absolutely brilliant!! This is going to be on repeat and will be showing everyone and anyone I can get to watch it!x  It's the best thing I've ever seen!!! Thanks so much!x"

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