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Ok, a little about me......... I love, love, love coffee. Strong, no sugar, the Americano kind with an extra hit of coffee. Love coffee.

I love my family too (especially Bailey the Dog), almost as much as I love coffee..........well maybe a touch more....


I love photographing weddings too. I guess this is where I try and give something of me away, something that helps explain why I do what I do and more importantly for you, why I might be the right photographer for you. 

I believe its important to have a kind of rapport, connection, friendship if you like with your wedding photographer. Don't get me wrong, I want to remain as unobtrusive on your big day as possible, but a wedding photographer will be involved in your wedding all day and into the evening too, so its important to 'gell'......(is that still a word?).

Anyway, I get asked why I love wedding photography................


What's Love anyway?  Was that the Thompson twins?.....

I hear the L word used a lot in my photography work.  Vicars and registrars talk of love, then try and explain about putting the other person first, making sacrifices, "don’t go to bed on an argument". That's not love, that's marriage. Best men stand up and say its obvious that the couple love each other because they are always together, that's lovely but I don't think it describes love.

I’m pretty sure that what I feel for my wife is love but I'm not sure,  love isn't written down anywhere, there's no template that helps define it. I think it’s love. It's not without its disagreements, it's not a perfect thing. It's not completely unconditional God like. There are conditions but not ones that stop it completely, just conditions that if not met may hide Love, cover it a bit. But its always there, I may sulk if i don’t get my own way but it doesn’t stop me loving. I watch my love watching telly and it makes my tummy feel nice, she sees me and smiles and nods towards the telly, but by then I’ve already had my love feed. When Im driving I hear a song (Brown Eyed Girl....) and remember a moment, a dance, a drink, a smile, a kiss.


I watch brides walk down the aisle every week, I see grooms turn round and i know what they're thinking, I know what they see. I hope they still see that bride as she is then, in thirty years time. I cry every-time, every bride walk, every groom head turn.  I am thinking of my love with every step of the bride. I take the pictures, I get the shot, I share this moment, Im so lucky. I’ve seen 100 brides walk up the aisle, each beautiful, each time is unique and each time I get to remember my love walk up 100 aisles towards me.  

06_AaA_Breakfast_146 copy

I watch the groom get nervously to his feet, he thanks everyone, then turns to his love. She is his soul mate, she is beautiful, all brides are beautiful, There’s Disney magic in a wedding dress, that ‘Harry Potter wand like’ dress that chose you, the hair, the make up, the little girl who wanted to be a princess. Its the smile, the blush, the eyes, always beautiful. I stand up to speak every week with the groom, I see him struggle to look at his love without crying, I'm crying again. We look down and say some lovely words, and then a kiss.


They dance finally, they have their heads over each others shoulders, they cuddle close, not for love but for comfort, protection from the embarrassment of being in the middle, everyone watching. “Move your heads apart, hold hands and look at each other when you dance after the initial cuddle”, I tell them in practice, "you’ll make it easier for me to get both your faces in the shot". Thats not the real reason. I want him to look at her face, look in her eyes. I want to capture the love he has for her then (it's a great picture). I know that look and I know that feeling. I want to dance with my love right there and then.

I think I know why I love wedding photography…….

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