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Drone Wedding Photographer 

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As from Autumn 2020, all users of drones regardless of commercial or non commercial use will require qualification and insurance.  The new qualification relevant for Wedding drone work is the A2 CofC (Certificate of Competence). 

I have spent the spring studying for the A2 CofC and am now QUALIFIED :-) and will be licensed and covered to provide Wedding Drone work the minute the new Law comes into place. (It was originally due to go live on July 1st 2020 but due to Covid 19, the CAA decided to postpone the launch until the Autumn).

I'm delighted to be able to add aerial photography and videography to my two main packages at NO EXTRA COST, this includes all weddings where a deposit has been paid (Including the NHS ones :)  ). Whilst there's a lot of excitement around drones at weddings, in reality the best way to use a drone on the special day is as an extra lens / camera. Be it a fly by of the guests, a positioning shot of the location in the morning or something more dramatic with the happy couple, the drone can not and will not take over the photography work, but will merely enhance.

We will endeavour to use the drone where legal and appropriate and will always consult our couples about possible uses prior to the big day. 

Drone videography and photography are also  available outside of the wedding environment. Contact us for Drone landscapes, Panoramic,  Building Work, and Aerial Photography.

Note : Our drones are capable of shooting in 4k 60fps video and 48mb photographs. 

Some example of how the drone video is used alongside photographs in some highlight music slideshows  


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