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I'm a big Canon and Apple fan :-)

IN MY BAGs.........

6 Cameras (for Stills & Video)

Canon R5 * 2

Canon 5D MK IV

Fuji X-Pro1


GoPro 7 Black

2 Drones

DJI Mavic Mini

DJI Mavic Air 2

8 Lenses

Canon RF L 70 - 200 mm 2.8 IS 

Canon RF L 28 - 70 mm 2.0

Canon RF L 15 - 35 mm 2.8 IS USM

Canon RF 100 - 500 mm

Canon RF 16 mm 2.8 mm

Canon RF 35 mm 1.8 mm

Canon RF 50 mm 1.8 mm

Canon RF 85 mm 2.0 mm

6 Flashes

3 * Profoto A10x

3 * Godox Ad200


Sekonic Litemaster Pro L-478DR (plus x-rite colorchecker and expodisc, and 'fold out' grey card for colour management )

Continuous Lights

Ice Light 2

Rotolight NEO II

MAGMOD  -MagGrid with filters

                   - MagBounce

                   - MagBeam

                   - MagOcta

Batteries galore (and chargers)

1000 GB's of memory cards (My cameras have 2 cards each so every picture is immediately backed-up) 


Tascam DR-10L/LW Digital Audio Recorder with Lavalier Microphone

3 * Sony ICD-TX650 Slim Digital PCM/MP3 Stereo Voice Recorder

On Site Back-up Before leaving the wedding

Nexto DI ND2901 Portable memory card Backup

IN THE CAR..........

Light stands with flash umbrellas, softbox

8 * white umbrellas and 1 black


Apple iMac 27 inch

Apple iMac 21 inch

Apple Mac Book Pro

Photoshop CC

Lightroom CC

Davinci Resolve Studio


  • Here's some of the kit for a typical wedding day. Its surprising but most of the kit will be used at some stage during the day, be it the ice light to help in low light bridal preps, or the 'big Bertha' Ranger RX to create stunning twilight images or various flashes for indoor, first dance shots. Thankfully we don't get too much use out of the umbrellas (apart from a classic backlit brolly shot).

  • Here's the kit bag! Stocked full of camera's, lenses, batteries and memory cards. The 2 camera's shown are the Canon 5D Mkiii and Mkii, my backup main wedding cameras. Not shown (taking the picture) is the new addition to the family, Fujifilm X Pro1 (see below). Also, not shown is the recently acquired 5D MK IV, my number 1 wedding camera.

  • Here are my 6 Canon 'L' lenses. The 'L' denotes they are the flagship in terms of build, water sealing, sharpness and overall glass quality. From the left is the 'big fella' and is just such an incredible medium to long zoom lens. Ideal for portraits, or for getting in close from a distance without being too intrusive. Second is my 100mm macro lens, specifically designed for those close up ring shots. Next is the 24-70 zoom (recently upgraded to the mark ii), its an all rounder on a wedding day, if the truth be known you could cover pretty much everything on a wedding day with this one lens (the other lenses are really specialist lenses with specific jobs to do). Fourth in line is the newest member of the team, the 85mm 1.4, designed for portraiture and low light. Fifth is the 16-35 zoom (recently upgraded to the mark iii), useful for larger groups and also some pretty funky shots where some artistic post processing comes into play. Last but not least is the 50mm 1.2, ideal for use in dark rooms, churches where no flash is allowed.

  • Say 'hello' to the new number one. This Canon R5 is reportedly the best stills camera for weddings in the world. Some claim, but after just a handful of weddings I can say its just fantastic. Mirrorless, (means its completely silent), with people and animal eye detection it goes to another level. Images 45MB are so detailed they will blow you away, 20 frames per second and upto 8K video. Its the dogs doo-dahs as some might say.

  • Up until recently this was my newest camera, now relegated to number 2. The 5D MK IV offers everything its predecessor (the MK III) has plus 30 megapixels, unprecedented low light focussing, an enhanced processor and built in wifi, giving me the chance to share a few 'wow' shots with my couples on the spot.

  • Just relegated to number 3... The Canon 5D Mk 111 (is my backup up, back up for weddings). 22.3 megapixel, beautiful in low light, great colours, just a fantastic wedding camera. This camera contains TWO memory cards, each picture is saved twice, once to each card in turn for extra contingency.

  • The pocket recruit - the Fujifilm X-Pro1 is retro styled but packed with up to date technology. Great for low light and detail photography but also handy when the 'big boys' are not welcome. A wedding camera in it's own right but for now a helping new member of the team. A super new edition to the kit bag and a handy 'fourth' camera to cover all contingencies. packing a punch with 16 megapixels

  • This is the baby of the two drones, The 'Mini' weighing in at only 249g this little bird can go anywhere. It has a camera capable of 12 MB images and video at 2.7K and a top speed of 30mph.

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