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When looking to show you my style of photography, I think it's important to show you images that represent a whole days photography and not just my 'signature' images. With over 10  years of wedding photography experience I've covered weddings all over the country, in barns, castles, country houses, hotels and registrar offices.  Allow me to take you through a selection of my images from recent weddings.


I love to create magical images, images where the couple appear as if in a painting, the couple are the leading players in a landscape, a magical composition. The sky and weather usually play a role in my 'Signature' images, I set these up quickly and then bring the Bride and Groom out to play for a few minutes so as not to disturb the flow of the day.  

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Couples often worry about images taken during the 'prep' time. Don't worry, I never take images that you wouldn't want in your album! During this time we take images of details, the dress, bouquet, rings etc, our hair and make up shots are done when you are ready or very close to being ready, a re-apply, a touch up etc. It's also a great time to shoot the girls without the boys and the boys without the girls.


There are special moments in every service that I love to capture, the walk up the aisle with Dad, the kiss, candid signing moments. Natural shots but waiting for the right moment then capturing them beautifully, forever.


I'm obviously looking to capture each group, ideally in a beautiful setting, but I also want to capture special moments in between the formal shots, different angles, intimate exchanges.  Shooting with two photographers means my formal image galleries are more intimate and natural.  


Once the formals are out of the way, it's time to take the Bride & Groom away from their guests for a short time to capture some special moments. I love using the scenery, the trees, the sky, nearby woods or maybe the beach. Its a lovely time to shoot the couple, the pressure is gone, some beautiful moments in the services to reflect back on, relax while I shoot your 'quiet time' pics.


Here's another reason why I also shoot with a 2nd photographer,  it's obviously important to capture top table reaction but it's equally important to capture family and friends reaction shots too. 


At the evening reception I like to capture the fun as it happens, I don't really set up the guests in couples for images, I shoot more candid than that. Mingling between the guests capturing little moments of interaction. Sure if guests want pics I'll happily oblige but I find the real magic happens when those moments are captured naturally, as they happen.

The First dance though, is a chance for me to sprinkle a little light magic dust on the images for something a little bit special.


A - Magic happens

"Its a little known secret that some good wedding photographers secretly wish for a little rain late on at a wedding. I won't mention any names.......... "

Award Winning Photography recognised by...

 The Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers and The Guild of Photographers 

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