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(June 2020- Please note these images were taken in 2014 as part of my progression and strive for excellence as a wedding photographer. The quality of my images has moved on considerably since this acceptance into the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers.I do considerably more off-camera flash and specialise in Twilight shots.)

It's nice to know that your wedding photographer is recognised by professionals as a professional. Here's my successful submission to the Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers! (Hence the reason to be allowed to use their particular logo)

In order to gain professional recognition by the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers, a photographer is required to submit 20 images across more than 10 weddings and pass assessment by 4 senior Photography professionals. The panel are looking at technical ability, composition, lighting, capturing the mood and posing amongst other criteria. The submission must also show the photographer can cover a full wedding.

Qualification as a 'pro' into an Internationally recognised professional photography body does not guarantee that the photographer is the right one for you, nor does it mean photographers without similar recognition or qualifications will not be what you're after (there are many very good wedding photographers who have never taken a qualification in their lives), all it does is give you, the customer,  a nice warm feeling that the chap with the camera knows his onions.

These are real pictures from real weddings taken by me, if you chose to allow me the honour of being your wedding photographer, you can expect photography of this standard throughout your special day.

Alternatively you can trust your most important day to a friend of the family and risk it :-)

Continuous Improvement

I am committed to continual improvement in the field of Portrait and Wedding Photography and so as part of my annual expenditure, I budget for additional training, group workshops and 121 training with the best Photography trainers in the industry. My aim is to best I can be for you. 

A special 'thank you' to all those pictured in my submission above. 

SWPP Qualified Member - Black Text

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