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Q - "Do you use 1 or 2 photographers?"

A - Gold and Platinum packages have 2 Photographers. Silver package you pay for 1 photographer i.e. me. For some weddings I have another assistant also, working with the bride and the groups.  If you formally request a second photographer for the Silver package this is charged at an additional £150 - £200 depending on date / time required.

I do support and occasionally use student photographers, again you do not pay for this and all 'associate' photography is under my control and my responsibility.

Q - "What if it rains? My day will be ruined...."

A - Your wedding will be a beautiful occasion regardless of the weather. I provide white and black umbrellas. Pictures with the brollies can look great, I recently lined the church path to the car with guests with these umbrellas (great happy pictures). I also have pro lights and can set up inside if needed. I have used the church to take formal pictures as well as hotels, lobbies, lounges etc. Pictures properly posed and lit will always enhance your album. There is nothing that can spoil your wedding pictures.

Q - "What contingencies do you have i.e. camera failure?"

A - See Other - Equipment for more details but in brief I have 4 cameras, 6 lenses, lots of spare batteries and over 70 GB of camera cards. My main camera takes all images and saves on 2 cards at the same time. Pretty much as covered as is possible to be. I also backup on during the wedding breakfast and before I leave the venue so the images are saved in three places. They are backup up again to another device at home and also saved to the web in case I have a fire / disaster at home.

Q - "I'm pretty conscious about having my picture taken and am worried about it."

A - See the Engagement shoot, in brief the idea of the engagement shoot is to help us get to know each other, to let you get used to having your pictures taken and for me to help you pose, smile, look natural. This really helps and you will be pleasantly surprised how soon you will become more comfortable in front of a camera. Remember my style is more reportage but I will help you with where to put hands, where to look and how to stand to help the more posed images. I help the groom look natural and cool, we don't do stand up straight like your mother taught you, don't worry, pics will be fab.


Q - "What do you wear?"

A - I am always dressed in a suit on a wedding day. I am conscious that I may be on some of your guests photographs and will also be an integral part of your special day. 

Q - "How long will it take to get the wedding album back after the wedding?"

A - It takes around 8 weeks. Breaking that time down, it takes me around (2 weeks) to design an album from your selected pictures of the day, bride and groom then give the thumbs up or down to each spread , this can take about (2- 3 weeks) sometimes, I then finalise the design, edit (airbrush if needed) and fine tune all selected images (about 1 week). The album is then sent to be printed and finalised (7-10 days).

Q - "How quickly will we see the pictures?"

A - The images will be usually available inside a week. This can be slightly longer during really busy periods. 

Q - "How / where will we see the pictures?"

A - You will have your own, Password protected web galleries. You can choose who you share you password with and when.  You can also choose if you want the images watermarked, You will also get the images high resolution on a beautifully presented heart shaped USB after album completion.

Q - "Do we cater to feed the photographer / assistant on the day?"

A - Yes please, as its usually a 12 hour day for us we ask for payment for a bar snack and soft drink for the two photographers to be left with the venue staff. 

Q - "Do you airbrush?"

A - Yes, we call it professionally enhancing, usually bride, mums but anything which is needed to help finalise the image. I don't look to reduce people in size but anything which might spoil an otherwise beautiful image I will 'help' (only with the say so from the bride and groom). 

This is professionally done to the highest standard and covers things like skin smoothing and blemish removal. I don't look to change people's look or size, just t remove anything temporary that wasn't covered by make up usually.

Q - "How much will I pay?"

A - You will not pay anymore than is agreed up front, i.e. Menu prices £500, £800 or £1300,  unless you want additional pages over above what is agreed. Parent albums are available from £90 each (you must have purchased a full album).

Q - "How much is to secure the date?"

A - £100 (non-refundable reservation fee), once paid secures the date at the price agreed. This will protect you from future price increases. This can only be for an agreed date, I cannot guarantee my prices for weddings 3 years ahead without a specific date.

Q - "When  do we pay?"

A - Reservation Fee - as soon as possible (see above). The balance should be made at least 4 weeks prior to the wedding. You now offer the option of paying for the album after the wedding :-)

Q - "How can we pay?"

A - Cash, cheque or bank transfer. Arrangements can be made to pay the balance in instalments if this helps.

 Q - "What happens to our reservation fee and the price if we cancel / rearrange ?"

A - The reservation fee secures the date and the price at time of the payment. If you cancel the wedding completely, I'm sorry but you would lose your reservation fee. If you rearrange for a time in the future (within 12 months), and that date is available, I will transfer the reservation fee to that date and the price will remain the same as agreed at the time of the original booking. But I  will ask for another £100, both of these amounts will come off the total price of the photography. So you will pay no more than originally agreed, just more reservation fees  up front.

If you move your wedding to longer than 12 months in the future, I will not guarantee that the price remains but will allow the reservation fee to be transferred to a future wedding photography booking (date availability depending).

Q - "I've seen some photo's where they are mainly black and white with one colour 'popped', do you do this?"

A - This is very in vogue and can enhance certain images. However, it can be overdone and  like Black and White photography there are images more appropriate than others. In the professional photography community, particularly with portrait photographers it is frowned upon a little as the focus of the viewer to a portrait should always be the subject's eyes. With a colour popped image the attention is taken to the popped colour. At the request of the customer I will do colour popping and will always advise where I feel it is appropriate or not. The customers will always have the final say in these matters.

Q - "Will you do some / all pictures in Black and white please?"

All photographs are taking in full colour but some shots, particularly church service, 1st dance images etc. can look more appealing in Black and White. I will select certain images for discussion, choices before final album production.

Q - Here's a question I get asked a lot........"As a wedding photographer do you manage to enjoy it or is it too nerve wracking and, if you do enjoy it, what's your favourite part of the day?"

A - I do get tingles before each wedding, not sure they're nerves but it's exciting. I'm conscious of the responsibility so I guess some of the tingles must be nerves. 

I love wedding days, the whole thing, I'm still in love with my wife after nearly 30 years and I think this helps more than I used to realise. I think my favourite bit is the bride and her dress, there is something magical about the dress. The moment I see the bride in the dress, the look between bride and other special people in the room. There are a couple of wonderful moments too with the look between bride and groom after the walk up the aisle, the kiss and the rings. I love weddings, that's why I do this type of photography, no other form of photography that I do comes close, and yes, I do get a little emotional too.

I'm very, very proud and feel privileged to have shared in so many couples special days.

Q - How far will you travel to cover a wedding?

A - Although based in the North West I have covered UK weddings from the Lake District to the South East coast in Kent. I have also worked in Cyprus on an overseas destination wedding. For UK weddings greater than 100 miles from base I charge £0.40 per mile (one way). Also, for UK weddings greater than 4 hours from base I charge an additional £90 (thats for two rooms B&B @£45 each). Please ask about prices for destination weddings.

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